SEMNAC Technologies is the brainchild of a group of friends who have been working in the telecommunications industry since 1989. They saw the need for the provision of economical and comprehensive communication services for businesses of all sizes in North America and the Caribbean region. With over twenty (20) years in the industry for each founding partner, our clients can rest assured that the foundation of SEMNAC Technologies is established on professional competence, decades of experience in customer service, technical and engineering skills and a progressive and modern knowledge base in technology and communications.

Our Mission
It is our mission at SEMNAC Technologies to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and most innovative business solutions at the most economical prices. We value creating business relationships based on integrity, respect, ethical and professional business practices and a personal and caring attitude.

Who we are.
We are established as the premier provider for all your telephony, networking, computer system design, repair and ongoing support services.  Our specialists are highly trained with experience in providing support to all aspects of technology, for any size organization. Noteworthy is our commitment to ongoing training which gives the assurance that SEMNAC Technologies is dynamic, flexible and conversant with the industry’s latest products and technologies. Our objective is to meet changing customer needs at anytime as well as to respond to evolving business demands.

What we do.
SEMNAC Technologies is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We provide the following services:

Telephony system design and implementation, telecom and Data Equipment Sales;  Structured Cabling solutions; Voice Over Intenet Protocol (VOIP) design and implementation; Continuous Back-up and restoration services;  Information technology analysis, strategy, and design; Server management; Around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection; Network design, continuous maintenance, and support; Ongoing consultation; On-site maintenance and support; Remote monitoring and support and; Database management and integrity
How we do it.
At SEMNAC Technologies, our customer-centric business model is a simple approach which focuses on providing our valued clients with efficient, reliable, high quality and cost-effective services, solutions and support. Entrenched in the belief that satisfying customer needs create the pathway to sustainable growth, we earnestly strive to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients. It is our resolve to maintain a firm grasp on our solid reputation and uphold our image.

SEMNAC’s combination of expertise, professionalism and knowledge in telecommunication needs aims to provide timely support and service to clients in any industry. Our Engineers each have over 25 years professional experience and are certified in multiple telecommunication products. Our repair and support facility is modern and efficient with stringent quality control organization that is well documented and fits with industry standards and test procedures.

Why do you need Semnac Technologies?
We save you money by offering competitive pricing. We source high quality materials, respond quickly to our client’s concerns and have a proven track record of excellent performance. We offer multi product line support  with 24/7 monitoring.